The Government of Canada recognizes that protecting and sustaining aquatic species at risk is critically important to ecosystem health and thriving fisheries. To that end, the government continues to take concrete and comprehensive action to help protect endangered North Atlantic right whales from fishing gear entanglements and collisions with vessels so that the population can grow and rebuild.

“With only about 336 North Atlantic right whales remaining in the world, our Government is more than ever committed to protecting and supporting the recovery of this iconic species. This is why we continue to incorporate the most recent research and analysis into our vessel traffic management measures, which cover an area of more than 72,000 square kilometres, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Our government also relies on the efforts of the maritime and fishing industries to limit the risks of their activities on North Atlantic right whales.”

Canada’s dynamic right whale protection measures—founded on science and backed by the most comprehensive right whale surveillance program in the world—are making a difference in sustaining the right whale population, while also ensuring that harvesters can continue making a profitable living from the sea.

Source: Water Canada




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