The European Commission is calling on eight Member States to finalise the review of their River Basin Management Plans (RBMP’s) as required under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and/or the Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMP’s) as required under the Floods Directive (FD). Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia now have two months to respond and take the necessary measures. If they don’t reply Brussels may decide to refer the Member States to the European Court of Justice.

In the latest report of the European Environment Agency from 2018 only 40% of Europe’s lakes, rivers, estuaries and coastal waters comply with a minimum ‘good’ or ‘high’ ecological status in 2010-2015. A vast majority of Europe’s water bodies still fails to meet the European Union’s objectives of the Water Framework Directive. The report showed the improvement European waters came to a standstill and much more needed to be done to make sure all Europe’s water are in a good status.

By March 2022 Member States had to report the third generation of River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) to the European Commission. Brussels does not intend to postpone the deadline for achieving the WFD targets. “The Water Framework Directive is meeting its objectives and no legislative changes are planned to extend the existing deadlines,” stated an official spokesperson for the European Commission in Water News Europe.

Source: Water News Europe

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