The Commission is adopting today the fourth progress report on the progress made under the EU Security Union Strategy. The report focuses on the developments since Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified aggression against Ukraine, which also brings a range of risks to the security of EU citizens. The report shows that the EU has remained resolute and united in its actions. It stepped up its vigilance and coordination, increased the monitoring of the threat landscape, and worked to strengthen resilience.

The EU is also taking concrete steps in strengthening the sharing information and expertise between Member States, in particular when it comes to: cybersecurity, ensuring the security for the critical infrastructure, fighting disinformation, human trafficking, as well as the challenge of increased circulation of firearms. Furthermore, the EU is playing a decisive role in bringing Russian aggression to account by strengthening the effective implementation of restrictive measures, as well as its capabilities in tracing, seizing and ultimately confiscating illicit gains. The annex to the report provides an overview of the ongoing work towards strengthening the Security Union.

Source: European Union


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