More frequent and intense extreme heat is one of the major impacts of climate change.

In a bid to futureproof the country against water shortages, Germany has agreed on a groundbreaking national water strategy to operate under the changing situation of long dry seasons and heatwaves caused by climate change. The first-ever national water strategy was adopted by the federal cabinet on 15 March 2023. The “programme of water measures” named in the strategy are to be implemented step by step until 2030.

“The National Water Strategy aims to ensure the sustainable use of our water resources in 2050 and beyond. In the long term, access to high-quality drinking water is to be maintained, the responsible use of ground and surface waters is to be ensured in other sectors as well, and the natural water balance and ecological development of our water bodies are to be supported.”

The strategy is divided into ten strategic themes:

  1. Protect, restore and ensure a semi-natural water regime for the long term – prevent water scarcity and conflicting goals
  2. Ensure that land use in rural and urban areas is compatible with water bodies and adapted to the climate
  3. Further develop sustainable management of water bodies – achieve and preserve good status
  4. Mitigate risks caused by pollutants
  5. Further develop water infrastructure adapted to the climate – protect against extreme events and ensure supply
  6. Link water, energy and substance cycles
  7. Strengthen efficient administrations, improve data flows, optimise legal frameworks and secure financing
  8. Intensify protection of marine areas (North and Baltic Seas) from pollutants from land
  9. Raise awareness of water as a resource
  10. Work together to protect global water resources for the long term

Source: Water News Europe

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