During their first two years, the EU Missions in Horizon Europe have supported the Commission’s work on the European Green Deal, making Europe fit for the Digital Age, and Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. Since their inception, EU Missions have demonstrated their potential to accelerate change. Supported primarily by Horizon Europe funding, they have also connected and supported EU policies and programmes with local action and citizen engagement. They are on track to achieve their ambitious goals by 2030 in critical areas such as adaptation to climate change, improving the life of cancer patients, cleaning up the marine and freshwater ecosystems, making cities climate-neutral, and making soils healthy.

These are the conclusions of the Communication on EU Missions under Horizon Europe adopted today. The Communication provides a thorough assessment of progress so far, as required by the co-legislators after their first two years of operation. It highlights the main achievements of the current five individual Missions, while also identifying challenges they have encountered and proposing a set of actions to address these. In light of this balanced assessment, today’s Communication also proposes to spend 11% of the Horizon Europe Pillar 2 budget on EU Missions in the last part of the programme (up from 10% currently). This corresponds to a total amount of over €3 billion for the period 2024-2027. It also launches preparations for a new EU Mission on the New European Bauhaus.

Source: European Commission

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