The Commission announced a series of measures to continue supporting those fleeing the unprovoked Russian aggression. A new online job-search tool launched will help people fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to successfully find a job in the European Union. After registering with the EU Talent Pool pilot initiative, those under temporary protection can upload their CVs, so that their profiles are available to more than 4,000 employers, national public employment services and private employment agencies. Ensuring a swift and effective integration into the labour market is important both for host communities, and for those fleeing the war to rebuild their lives.

The Executive Director of the European Labour Authority, Cosmin Boiangiu, said: “The EURES portal and network are a powerful instrument to match employers and jobseekers across Europe. There could not be a better European tool to deliver the Talent Pool pilot on such short notice, and facilitate the labour integration of Ukrainians seeking temporary protection and shelter in the EU.”

In its 2022 Communication on attracting skills and talent to the EU, the Commission proposed to launch an EU Talent Pool pilot to identify and map the skills of people that have fled Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, to facilitate their matching with EU employers and their labour market integration. This project is a joint initiative of the Commission and the European Labour Authority, with the continued involvement and assistance of the European Migration Network.

The EU Talent Pool pilot, available in English, Ukrainian and Russian, is implemented through the EURES portal, a job-searching portal managed by the European Labour Authority. It brings together national employment services, private employment agencies and employers across the EU. EURES contains over 3 million job vacancies and 4,000 employers, and new employers are welcome to sign up to it. The EU Talent Pool pilot is open to all jobseekers who benefit from temporary protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive, or adequate protection under national law providing them the right to work. For Member States, participation in the EU Talent Pool pilot is voluntary.

After registration, the tool guides jobseekers through a process where they can identify the skills they have and upload their CV. The CVs published in the EU Talent Pool pilot will be visible to public employment services in all participating countries as well as to registered employers in all countries who are part of the European cooperation network of employment services (EURES). Jobseekers can also browse through all job vacancies published on the EURES portal.

As indicated in the recently adopted migration report, the Commission will make full use of the provisions of the temporary protection directive and will foresee the extension of the protection afforded to those who fled Ukraine by one year, until March 2024. This will be now discussed with Member States. At the same time, the Commission is working through the Solidarity Platform to provide guidance and solutions to ensure that those who go back de-register or notify the competent authorities safe in the knowledge that they can re-enter the EU easily and access their rights that temporary protection affords. The pilot project launched today will build into a wider EU Talent Pool as proposed in the Skills and Talent package. The EU Talent Pool is one of the key deliverables of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum which aims at to attracting talent to the EU and support integration in local communities.

Source: European Commission


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