VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has invested over €5m this year in various research projects to enhance the safety of nuclear energy and nuclear waste management in Finland. The new Finnish National Nuclear Safety and Waste Management Research Programme (SAFER2028) starts in 2023. The key goal of SAFER2028 is to ensure the preservation and further development of nuclear safety expertise in Finland. SAFER2028 is mainly financed by collecting the fees (the VYR funding) according to Nuclear Energy Act from key organisations holding licenses and operating in the nuclear energy and waste management sector.

In the current SAFIR2022 programme on nuclear power plant safety, VTT is the largest research organisation. VTT participates in 30 out of the 35 research projects. The company co-ordinates 17 projects alone, and 13 projects with one or more partners.VTT’s research projects cover the four research areas of SAFIR2022 that are: overall safety and systemic approach to safety, reactor safety, structural safety and materials, and research infrastructure development.

VTT also has ongoing research projects regarding the characterisation of spent fuel and decommissioning waste, as well as low and intermediate level waste management related projects – such as surface repositories in Finland, and the behaviour of pressure vessel steel in repository conditions. Copper canister and its mechanical and chemical stability also remain a key topic in VTT’s KYT research.

Source: Innovation News Network

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