The Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) adopted a report on the reform of EU procedures and control measures on waste shipments, on Thursday with 76 votes in favour, none against and five abstentions.

MEPs support the Commission proposal to explicitly prohibit shipments within the EU of all wastes destined for disposal, except if authorised in limited and well-justified cases. According to the adopted text, the Commission would develop uniform criteria for the classification of waste to ensure that the rules are not circumvented by clearly distinguishing, for example, between used goods and waste. The new rules would include digitalising the exchange of information and documents within the internal market. Storing information in a central electronic system would improve data reporting, analysis and transparency, MEPs underline.

EU exports of non-hazardous waste for recovery would be allowed only to those non-OECD countries that give their consent and demonstrate their ability to treat this waste sustainably. The Commission would draw up a list of such recipient countries, to be updated at least every year. The Commission would also monitor waste exports to OECD countries more closely to ensure that they manage waste in an environmentally sound manner as required by the rules and that they do not adversely affect the management of domestic waste in that country.

Source: European Parliament


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