Amnesty International’s annual report draws attention to the West’s “racist double standards” in dealing with human rights violations. The organisation gives as an example the reception of Ukrainian refugees based on their country of origin.

“They didn’t offer the same treatment to those escaping war and repression in Syria and Afghanistan,” says Philip Luther, Senior Research and Policy Adviser at Amnesty International. “The USA as well, of course, a vocal critic of Russia’s aggression on Ukraine, in a welcome move also admitted tens of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing the war. But it subjected Haitian asylum seekers to arbitrary detention, humiliating ill-treatment that amounted to race-based torture”.

The organisation also says some steps taken against Russia, like the UN General Assembly voting to condemn its actions in Ukraine, and the International Criminal Court opening an investigation into crimes in Ukraine, showed inconsistency.

“European states, among others, exhibited double standards as well, because while condemning Russia, they condoned or were complicit in grave violations by their allies Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel, among others,” says Luther. “Last year, Russia was able to use its veto powers to paralyse the U.N. Security Council, which just can’t be allowed to continue. And it used to give voice to countries in situations which have traditionally been ignored, especially in the global South.”

Amnesty International also draws attention to new laws to calm down protests – calling on governments to stop using excessive force and to control the trade in law enforcement equipment.

Source: Amnesty


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