University of Jyväskylä in Finland has initiated a pilot project that presents a new way for companies to evaluate their sway on biodiversity. The project aims to offer a method that other companies and organizations can use to assess their influence on nature.

The biodiversity footprint indicator, developed by JYU, Wisdom, measures the potentially disappeared fraction (PDF) of species at risk of extinction, allowing for international comparison of different corporations’ biodiversity footprints. By measuring their biodiversity footprint, companies can take a significant step towards reducing their impressions on the environment and working towards sustainability.

This groundbreaking initiative is an important step forward for companies to better understand and manage their influence on nature, and it could have a significant control on the future of sustainability.
With the potential information from this study aiming to be freely available, corporations can embrace the challenge of working on climate and biodiversity issues together. The University of Jyväskylä’s innovative approach to calculating biodiversity footprints offers a valuable tool for corporations and organizations worldwide to assess their impact on nature.

Source: Environmental Leader

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