The European Commission presented its Opinions on the application for EU membership submitted by Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia as invited by the Council. Today’s Opinions are based on the Commission’s assessment in light of the three criteria to join the EU agreed by the European Council: political criteria, economic criteria and the ability of the country to assume the obligations of EU membership (EU acquis).

The Opinions also take into account Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia’s efforts in implementing their obligations under the Association Agreements (AA), including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas (DCFTA), which cover significant parts of the EU acquis. The European Commission recommends to the Council that Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are given the perspective to become members of the European Union.

The Commission recommends that Ukraine and Moldova be granted candidate status, on the understanding that steps are taken in a number of areas and, for Georgia, once a certain number of priorities will have been addressed. Based on the European Commission’s Opinions, the EU Member States will now have to decide unanimously on the next steps.

Source: European Commission

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