On Wednesday, the Commission has published the mid-term review of the 8th Environment Action Programme showing that the EU’s objectives under the European Green Deal are attainable if the actions planned are fully implemented. The mid-term report underlines the importance of achieving climate and environmental objectives also for their positive economic and social impacts, for example in terms of improving wellbeing, health, resilience, or security of supply.

Building on the European Green Deal, the 8th Environment Action Programme (EAP) is a decision by the European Parliament and the Council which sets a framework for action on environment and climate policy. It is structured around six thematic priority objectives for 2030 and it has a long-term 2050 priority objective of ‘Living well, within planetary boundaries’. It also identifies the enabling conditions to achieve, in a coherent and coordinated way, these objectives for all actors involved. The mid-term review is a requirement of the Action Programme. The Commission will conduct another in-depth assessment during the lifespan of the programme with a final evaluation in 2029.

The Commission will present the mid-term review to Ministers at the next Environment Council meeting scheduled on 25 March.

Source: European Commission

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