New harmonised EU rules to reduce the energy consumption and facilitate repair of industrial fans have been adopted by the Commission today. Updating and replacing the existing regulation from 2011, the new measures cover a wide variety of fan types, sizes and applications, used in all kinds of domains – from industrial processes to heating, cooling and ventilation equipment in tertiary or larger residential buildings. The requirements will contribute to reduced energy costs for European businesses and give manufacturers of efficient, durable and reparable products a competitive advantage.

With the changes introduced today, the overall EU electricity consumption of industrial fans is expected to be roughly 31 TWh a year lower, by 2030, than a situation without any requirements. This saving is the equivalent to the annual electricity use of some 10 million electric vehicles.

The new changes, relative to the 2011 rules, will generate annual savings of 8 TWh by 2030, increasing to 14 TWh per year by 2040. In addition, it is estimated that in 2030 consumers and businesses will save around €4 billion each year in lower energy bills and reduced replacement costs (due to longer lifetimes of fans meeting the new requirements).

Source: European Commission

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