Negotiations for the EU’s Building Directive, the EPBD, are near their tail end, with the next trilogue meeting between the EU institutions planned for 7 December. We understand that co-legislators are keen to wrap up discussions before the new year and reach a final text, which is understandable.

The policy ‘recast’ process – standard practice to ‘upgrade’ existing legislation – is about to hit the two-year mark, and the political focus in the new year will be on EU elections in spring and the priorities of a new European Commission. At the same time, the EU will want to be a global leader in climate policy in the upcoming COP 28 climate negotiations in early December.

Indeed, we can all agree that reaching an impactful conclusion on the EPBD now is more beneficial than delaying it further, as progress to improve the environmental performance of our buildings is stalling.

Source: ECEEE

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