On Thursday, MEPs adopted plans to facilitate the uptake of renewable and low-carbon gases, including hydrogen, into the EU gas market. The new directive and regulation on the gas and hydrogen markets aim to decarbonise the EU’s energy sector, enhancing the production and integration of renewable gases and hydrogen.

These measures are designed to secure energy supplies disrupted by geopolitical tensions, particularly the Russian war against Ukraine, and address climate change. In negotiations with Council on the directive, MEPs focused on securing provisions around transparency, consumer rights, and support for people at risk of energy poverty. Plenary adopted the directive with 425 votes in favour, 64 against and 100 abstentions.

The new regulation, adopted with 447 votes in favour, 90 against and 54 abstentions, will beef up mechanisms for fair pricing and stable energy supply, and will allow member states to limit gas imports from Russia and Belarus. The legislation will introduce a joint gas purchasing system to avoid competition among member states and a pilot project to bolster the EU’s hydrogen market for five years.

The regulation also focuses on increasing investments in hydrogen infrastructure, especially in coal regions, promoting a transition to sustainable energy sources like biomethane and low-carbon hydrogen.

Source: European Parliament

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