The report, produced by ocean advocacy group Oceana, says this 10 percentage-point increase in reusable beverage packaging would prevent up to 153 billion single-use plastic containers from entering the world’s oceans and waterways. The report says other ideas “more heavily promoted by beverage companies”, such as adding more recycled content to plastic bottles are not geared toward reducing single-use plastic containers by design, and cannot match the impact of reuse.

There is also a “significant presence” of large-scale reusable packaging systems around the world, including in the Philippines where 40% of the volume of all packaged non-alcoholic beverages sold are in reusable bottles, the report says.

The report highlights several large-scale reusable cup systems currently available in the United States and Europe, including TURN, r.World and Re-uz. These systems have already been adopted by organisations such as Live Nation, which recently announced it is shifting to the TURN reusable cup system at major concerts and venues, Oceana says.


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