The fashion industry is witnessing a pivotal moment with the release of sector-specific circularity metrics by the CTI Fashion Initiative, a collaborative effort led by WBCSD, VF Corporation and Deloitte, with support from the VF Foundation. Launched today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, these tailored metrics are poised to redefine how circularity is assessed within the fashion and textiles value chain and help rally companies around common targets.

The CTI Fashion Initiative addresses this challenge by leveraging one of the most widely used circularity assessment frameworks globally, the Circular Transition Indicators (CTI), developed by WBCSD. CTI provides a transparent, quantitative, and comparable framework for measuring circular performance. It helps companies evaluate risks, identify effective actions to enhance circularity and understand the impact of their circularity strategies on their sustainability goals.

The CTI Fashion Initiative introduces a tailored suite of circular metrics for companies operating within the fashion industry. These metrics can help businesses drive change by:

  • Defining circularity roadmaps and measuring progress based on credible quantitative baselines.
  • Driving strategic decision-making and planning cycles on benefits and trade-offs of different circularity strategies.
  • Providing a clear view of sustainability impacts—whether on climate or nature—and underscoring the tangible outcomes of circularity initiatives.
  • Promoting accountability and transparency with a foundation in quantitative measures and supporting corporate disclosure efforts.


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