Demand for an independent international investigation into the attacks. MEPs are deeply concerned about the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza, including the risk of imminent starvation.

In a resolution adopted by 372 votes in favour, 44 against and 120 abstentions, MEPs call on Israel to immediately allow and facilitate full aid delivery into and throughout Gaza via all existing crossings and underline the urgent need for rapid, safe and unhindered humanitarian access. They reiterate their call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire to address the looming risk of mass starvation in Gaza and to immediately and unconditionally release all hostages. The International Committee of the Red Cross must be given immediate access to all Israeli hostages being held in Gaza to provide them with medical care.

Land distribution needs to be the priority
Parliament welcomes maritime aid corridors for Gaza but underlines that land distribution needs to be the priority. Pointing to the spread of diseases and the confirmed deaths of children due to malnutrition and dehydration, MEPs urge Israeli authorities to open the Rafah, Kerem Shalom, Karmi and Erez crossings. They also recognise the indispensable role of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in the region.

Stop attacks against humanitarian convoys
MEPs strongly condemn the obstruction of humanitarian aid and attacks against humanitarian convoys including Hamas’ hijacking and looting of aid convoys. They strongly condemn the repeated attacks on civilians seeking aid, humanitarian and medical facilities and workers. They deplore their catastrophic impact on civilians in Gaza, particularly on children, urge all parties to immediately cease these attacks and demand an independent international investigation.

No prospect of peace, security and stability with Hamas
There can be no prospect of peace, security, stability and prosperity for Gaza or for Palestinian-Israeli reconciliation, MEPs warn, as long as Hamas and other terrorist groups play any role in Gaza. Parliament also strongly condemns the rise in extremist settler violence and attacks by the Israeli armed forces against Palestinians in the West Bank, attacks which have already killed hundreds and injured thousands of Palestinian civilians. MEPs strongly condemn the acceleration of the illegal settlement of Palestinian land, which constitutes a violation of international law, and are deeply concerned about the risk of escalation in the conflict, in particular in Lebanon

Source: European Parliament

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